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What is Autotrack On Demand Picking Solution? How it can help you to reduce your picking mistake?

What is Autotrack On Demand Picking Solution?
Autotrack On Demand Picking Solution is an easy to use and foolproof solution design for the company who have warehouse and picker. Currently the picker are picking the order base on sales order issue by the store supervisor or product requester (Normally Sales agent). With Autotrack On Demand picking solution, our team make sure you will never have wrong picked item and wrong picked quantity send out accident again. The number one advantages is to simplify and audit your company selling process and prevent mistake happen rather than solving the mistake with wasted uncountable time and resources after the mistake happen.

Everyone of us know picking base on instruction is a very simple and easy to do activity, but seldom of us understand why there is so much of mistake happen during the picking process. The wrong picking can end up destroy the company reputation and lost customer or cause heavy losses to the company.

The main reason of mistake is because the picking process is a repeating and boring activity for most of the store keeper. The situation became worse or the chance of mistake become higher when the picking action close to finish work time, lunch or tea break hour, irresponsible worker will like to finish their task faster and have longer break period. The mind concentration will drop when come to the end of the work. Mistake always happen include misread number, example 1975 to 1957, wrong pick due to box size is similar. Picking 1 box end up picking 1 dozen due to wrong or unclear packing way. The situation become worse if the picker is new to the company or warehouse.

How Autotrack On Demand Picking give you the solution on wrong stock picking problem? Autotrack team offer with our latest online verification during and after pick with clear and sharp colour indicator for the picker and supervisor on the picking process. Green mean OK, Red and blue mean problem, the sharp colour indicator give clear indicator to the picker 100% confirmation on picking and also the clear confirmation for store supervisor on no mistake done by the picker. We help you to audit your picker before any mistake happen and our online immediate response on server give store supervisor instant info if any mistake happen on the picker.

Who can use Autotrack On Demand Picking Solution?
Autotrack on demand picking solution give our solution for the company who currently using paper to do picking or company who are using the ERP, inventory or accounting solution which do not have any verification for picking solution. Most of the inventory system in the market today come only with the invoicing or delivery module, most of them do not offer the picking verification process, this is where Autotrack can offer you this auditing process to prevent wrong picking of stock request by your customer by scanning on the barcode issue for the stock inventory item. Example of inventory software available to integrate with Autotrack On Demand include SAP, Netsuite, Autocount, SAGE, USB, Smart and most of the custom made inventory solution.

What is include in Autotrack On Demand Picking Solution?
Autotrack On Demand Picking Solution include below software, services and hardware. You may include below itemcode/barcode for your picking solution.

Item 1 - SOF00180 - Autotrack On Demand Picking Software.
Item 2 - 76300091 - Mobilecomm Picking to connect between Autotrack On Demand Picking and customer existing inventory or Accounting software solution.
Item 3 - 76300092 - Add on user for mobile computer license.
Item 4 - 76300095 - User Acceptance Test service to be run together with customer (Supervisor and End user)
Item 5 - 76300096 - System Acceptance Test services and testing between customer server and Autotrack. (IT Manager)
Item 6 - 76300094 - Installation Service and training for end user.
Item 7 - 76300093 - Manual Writing
Item 8 - 62600020 - Maintenance Service

We recommended below hardware for the picking solution.
Hardware 1 - Datalogic SkorpioX4 mobile computer with gun grip.
Hardware 2 - Cradle for SkorpioX4 for easy charging and backup battery management.
Hardware 3 - Cisco Wireless access point for WiFi infrastructure setup.

After picking solution, you may consider the packing solution if your organisation requires 2 step verification for your warehouse delivery process. Or your company would like to practise the picking base on location instead of by invoice. Ask for more on Autotrack On Demand packing solution if you required.

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