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ZT600 series printer is the top range printer series from Zebra among the table top printer series.

ZT600 series printer come with default USB, serial , Gigabit Ethernet and bluetooth LE connection. it design ideal for today high demand printing requirment.
Zebra ZT600 series printer is the highest range of printing in zebra latest ZT series printer. ZT mean Zebra TableTop series printer can take up to 450meter ribbon length and 8 inch outer diameter media roll size give you the minimum label changing frequency and continuous printing performance for 24x7 operation.

Enhance form it predecessor Xi4 series printer, ZT600 series printer now come with color and graphical LCD display user interface, this much more simplify the printer control for the user. It original ZPL and ZPL II printer control language already widely adopted by most of the software vendor and make it the number 1 printer option for most software vendor worldwide.

ZT600 series printer come with standard connectivity include serial, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet,
USB Host and Bluetooth 4.0. It inbuild standard RAM upto 1GB and 2GB flash make it able to stand for heavy duty printing task send out by the host. The super grade Cortex A9 800MHz processor make the printer can respond as fast as what the customer demanded.

Zebra ZT600 series Part number definition as below

















X1 - type of dpi available --> 1 -203dpi, 300dpi and 600dpi, 2 - 203dpi, 300dpi

X2 - Printhead width → 4= 4.09 inch width, 6- 6.6 inch width

X3 - Printhead dpi --> 2 - 203dpi, 3 - 300dpi, 6 - 600dpi

X4 - Printhead type → T - Thermal transfer + Direct Thermal, D- Direct Thermal Only

X5 - Type of Option available → 0- no option, 1 - With Cutter, 2 - Rewinder, 3 - Peel with liner take-up, 4- Peel with Full Rewinder

X6 - Type of power cord bundle →7-taiwan, P-UK/AU/J/EU, 9 → Optional, 1 US, G-India

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