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Top 3 selling 300 dpi barcode printers in Malaysia market, which brand you should select for your production?

The barcode is the code printed on every product and service produced in Malaysia. It is used to label products and services so that customers can be identified. In order to make sure that your product or service arrives at the customer’s doorstep on time, you need a barcode printer. The barcode can be scanned manually or electronically. If you operate your business in the West, chances are you already have a barcode reader available in your office or factory. This means that you already have an effective way of identifying your products and services from those of competitors. However, what if you are located in the East? How do you know if a certain company has an effective method of identification as opposed to one that makes you look like an amateur? You don’t! There are many different ways to select a barcode printer for your production in the Malaysia market. In this article we discuss some of the primary attributes that should be considered when choosing a barcode printer for your production in the country.

When it comes to barcode printers, there are a lot of options. Even if you’ve got the most sophisticated of printing systems and kiosks in mind when considering a new vendor, your options will change as soon as you step into the office.
You have three brand-specific printer brands to choose from in this category: Zebra, Honeywell and Sato. Each one of these manufacturers has its own unique pros and cons that you need to know about before making your final decision. Let’s look at each of these brands so that you can make the right choice for your company.

Zebra printer model ZT231 with 300dpi

This printer is commonly used for product label printing on plastic base label material. It comes with wide backend ERP software built in driver support that means most of the ERP systems come with a Zebra ZT230 or ZT231 printer driver in their software vendor. In this situation, you no need to consider any other brand of printer except Zebra,

Honeywell printer model PD45 with 300dpi

This printer is starting to be notified by the marker after its improvement from its predecessor PD42. upgraded processor speed, increased RAM size and printing speed, make this printer to be more flexible in use in many environments. However beautiful when you select the correct part number on this printer, This model low end series may not have the required functionality you required. Always check with us before you select your printer.

Sato printer model CL4NX Plus with 300dpi

Sato CL4NX plus printer is one of the most reliable and economical table top printers in the Malaysia market. Believe on Japanese quality then you can view it yourself from this printer. Almost trouble and problem free printers after you purchase give you the peace of mind in your investment.

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