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Zebra Printer prepare for replacement 110Xi4 to ZT610, 117Xi4 to ZT620, 105SL to ZT510

Zebra is advancing it legacy Xi4 series printer to better outlook and performance printer from it exisitng Xi4 series printer.

the Legacy 110Xi4 printer will be replace with latest ZT610 series printer.

this upgrade allow user to have better printing performance as well as quality improvement.

on zebra Top performance 6 inch series printer, 170Xi4 printer will be replace by ZT620 6 inch printer series.

and the Legacy 105SL Plus series will be replace with ZT510 series printer

For Zebra 140Xi4, Zebra will discountinued it soon and 220Xi4 will be still be avaialable until next notification.


Zebra Top performance 8 inch printer, 220Xi4 still continuous, order your 8 inch printer now.

by: pang

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