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Apply a new barcode for your product, get it now from GS1 the EAN13 barcode and add on a latest 2D QRCode for your marketing and customer services purposes.

This is your first time to apply barcode for your product in order to sell it to supermarkets and hypermarkets, here is the article you need to read. Few simple steps and preparation you need to do for your application.

Why do you need to apply barcode and pay money to GS1?
The main reason because you need to own a unique identity for your product, or simple term is you need to get an IC number for your product. This unique number is recognised by worldwide retail owners in order to enter into their inventory and POS system and reseller your product at their shop. The organisation coordinating this activity is GS1 Malaysia and you need to register and pay a subscription fee for them every year in order to maintain this number for your products. After your subscription, you will be given an 13digit numbers in order to print it to your product packaging. In order to print this barcode you may use the free portal offer by ALC barcode service.
Refer to below link to generate your free barcode:

What other benefit can you get with barcodes on your packaging?

EAN13 is the symbologies for your apple and use for your products. However this is not totally free barcode, you need to pay a small subscription fee to GS1 Malaysia. And this barcode is also not unique up to an individual product level, the EAN13 barcode you get from GS1 represents a specific model of your product or even the same model of product by specific content packaging only. If you decide to apply the EAN13 barcode to your packaging, why not add on one QRcode in order to allow better traceability of your product. The add on additional QRcode incur no additional printing cost for your product once you added EAN13 barcode. The advantages of adding QRcode to your packaging will allow you to have better traceability and counterfeit on your products.

To know more about counterfeit products traceability, refer to below link:

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19/Aug/2021IconSoftware to be used for product barcode EAN13 printing on the A4 paper, label sticker. Label printing is so much easier.
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11/Jan/2021IconRemember to scan when you come to ALC office to mark you are visiting ALC-TECH (M) SDN BHD office

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