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Do you know that you can use your Android mobile phone to do stock take, no need to invest into expensive device.

Doing stock take is always simple with proper data capturing devices. With the advancement of camera technology, now you can also use your mobile phone to do stock take. watch the video below for how to do it?

Try your mobile phone with our AGen software by contacting our sales agent. They will help you to test our AGen software.

by: pang

14/Mar/2023IconAGen retail outlet price and stock balance checking application make stockist easier by scanning product barcode
10/Mar/2023IconYouTube video show you how to use AGen stock take with Honeywell CK65 gun shape mobile computer
10/Mar/2023IconQuick YouTube video show you how to use AGen stock take with Point mobile PM351 mobile computer
09/Mar/2023IconYou know you can skip the complicated setting on Honeywell CK65 in order to print to Honeywell Mobile printer MPD31D printer
09/Mar/2023IconYou know that you can just install the AGen into your Android mobile phone and directly print to Honeywell MPD31D mobile printer
09/Mar/2023IconYoutube video to show you how AGen scan and print work on point mobile PM75 and Honeywell MPD31D mobile printer

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