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YouTube video show you how to use AGen stock take with Honeywell CK65 gun shape mobile computer

Let refer to below video to show you how to do stock take with AGen stock take application by using Honeywell CK65 gun shape mobile computer. The speed is fast and the process is easy.

The step to do stock take is easy, just run the AGen application, scan in the product barcode and enter counted product quantity. The records will be saved in the Database and automatically transfer back to AGen server. The data entry is become simple is you are using the gun shape mobile computer with barcode reader attach.

by: Pang

14/Mar/2023IconRetail Price Tag update make simple with AGen Price Tag Upgrade application, AGen allow you to have daily pricing update from year to year, month to month Week to week and even day to day.
11/Mar/2023IconDo you know that you can use your Android mobile phone to do stock take, no need to invest into expensive device.
10/Mar/2023IconQuick YouTube video show you how to use AGen stock take with Point mobile PM351 mobile computer

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