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Retail Price Tag update make simple with AGen Price Tag Upgrade application, AGen allow you to have daily pricing update from year to year, month to month Week to week and even day to day.

Introduction (What is retail price tag update)
Retail price tag update refers to the process of changing the price tags on products in a retail store to reflect a new price. This process may involve updating the price in the system and creating new price tags to affix to the products. Retail price tag updates are typically done when there is a change in the cost of goods, market demand, or competitor pricing. Updating the price tags helps to ensure that the prices on the products are accurate and up-to-date, which can improve customer satisfaction and avoid any confusion or discrepancies at the checkout. Retail price tag updates can be done manually or using technology, and it is important to keep track of pricing trends and monitor sales to remain competitive in the market. For retail store with multiple outlet, retail price tag normally responsible by the branch manager and the price for individual product may vary from store to store.

Why you need to update retail price tag from time to time?
1. Several reason you need to update the outlet product pricing from time to time include
2. Accuracy: Ensuring that the price on the product matches the price in the system helps to prevent pricing errors and avoid confusion for both customers and employees.
3. Compliance: Price tags may be subject to legal and regulatory requirements, such as displaying the correct sales tax or complying with local pricing laws.
4. Competitive pricing: Updating price tags can help retailers remain competitive by adjusting prices to reflect market demand and changes in the cost of goods.
5. Promotions: Retailers may need to update price tags for promotional pricing, such as a sale or a temporary price reduction.
6. Brand image: Consistent and accurate pricing can help to establish a retailer's brand as reliable and trustworthy.

Stock clearance: to make sure the old stock able to be clear out from the inventory.
How Agen can help you to simplify this process?
1. Determine the new price: The first step is to determine the new price for the product. This may involve reviewing cost changes, competitor pricing, and market demand. The manager can use his/her own mobile phone to check the correct pricing of the stock before determine the actual pricing of the today stock.
2. Prepare new price tags: Once the branch manager have determined the new price, he/she will need to create new price tags. These can be created using AGen software program that generates tags automatically after scan the barcode of the product.
3. Remove old price tags: Before affixing the new price tags, remove the old price tags to avoid any confusion or discrepancies.
4. Affix new price tags: Affix the new price tags to the products. Make sure to place the tag in a visible location so that customers can easily see the new price.
5. Update the system: after monitor the product condition, the branch manager will go to the point of sale (POS) system, update it with the new price. This will ensure that the correct price is reflected in the system and that it will ring up correctly at the checkout.
6. Monitor sales: Keep track of sales to see how customers are responding to the new price. If necessary, make adjustments to the price to remain competitive or to reflect changes in cost.

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AGen is a handy application where the user can install it on the mobile computer or their own mobile phone, just click the shortcut on their mobile phone and capture the barcode on the product then they can print out the latest price tag for their product or immediately check the pricing of the product compare with their POS system.

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