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PUMA x AGen: Elevating Inventory Management with Zebra TC26

Sunway Primary's PUMA Outlet
PUMA stands as an extraordinary brand, rising head and shoulders above its counterparts. In a league of its own, PUMA radiates with an unparalleled blend of performance and style. Its worldwide renown sets an unmatched benchmark, outshining competitors at every turn.

Now, at ALC-TECH (M) SDN BHD, we proudly collaborate with PUMA to enhance stock-taking procedures and warehouse management. We provide AGen software and the Zebra TC26, which enables seamless scanning and real-time inventory updates.

Here's how to utilize AGen software and Zebra TC26 for stock-taking:
Step 1:
PUMA has devised a unique map. By tapping on each location, they easily locate products for recording.
Step 2:
Scan the barcodes and input item details into AGen software.
Step 3:
Organize items into zone or store numbers, allowing easy retrieval within A-Gen.

Why Choose AGen Software and Zebra TC26 for PUMA?
  1. Experience swift data printing - Easily print data via the AGen interface or export it to an Excel file for instant browser printing.
  2. Effortless verification - Print data for a quick double-check, enhancing accuracy and confidence in inventory management.
  3. User-friendly interface - With intuitive navigation, efficient product tracking, and seamless data recording, our solutions revolutionize businesses of all sizes.


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