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What AGen can do for you and how you can construct a solution for your customer?

Below function you will be able to get it if you are using AGen for your data collection application.
  1. Auto running number for label printing.
  2. Auto date time function to allow you to add in Auto column to your application include label.
  3. Connect to excel file with auto import function.
  4. Connect to excel file with manual import function.
  5. Convert mobile Phone to become Barcode scanner and display data at more than 20 PC concurrently.
  6. Customized report for individual customer base on their individual requirement
  7. Delete Existing Record using SQL script
  8. Mobile Phone and tablet online status view and data management
  9. Printing from Car Radio to your mobile or fix printer
  10. Printing via Android TV box to mobile printer or fix printer
  11. Printing via Bluetooth connection.
  12. Printing via network goes through AGen server.
  13. Printing via Wi-Fi connection directly from mobile to printer without AGen server
  14. Read record from existing table, show the picture on the camera box and print out as picture
  15. Server printing with folder monitoring capability
  16. Take picture and print via Wi-Fi with ZPL language
  17. Take pictures and store them on the server for better recording.
  18. WhatsApp preset message to your targeted mobile number.
  19. Capture 2D barcode, split it to individual text field column, extra part of the data and appear on PC
  20. Support different printer languages include ZPL, CPCL, ESC POS, EPL, DPL label or barcode or mobile printer.
  21. Support directly printing to A4 inject Epson printer.
  22. Allow data editing on mobile with condition the device set to be offline from server.
  23. Allow padding printing records and quantity of label to be printed.
  24. Allow automatically convert text character to small capital or big capital letter.
  25. Allow only number to be enter into the text field
  26. Allow to edit imported excel file.

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