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Bread baking production tracking made simple with AGen.

Bread baking production tracking is the process of monitoring and recording the different stages of bread production, from the mixing of the ingredients to the packaging of the finished bread. The objective of the tracking is to improve the quality of the bread from time to time.

The main key information for tracking is to measure and record:

Ingredient weights and volumes recording
Mixing times and speeds
Fermentation times and temperatures
Proofing times and temperatures
Baking times and temperatures
Product quality data

For the explanation of this solution, we will summarise the bread making process into 4 stations, 1 day only have 2 bread making process circle at this factory, may add on in future. The factory will use AGen to track the whole bread making period and produce daily report for improvement purposes.

How AGen work with bread backing tracking?
Read the pdf file for more information.

by: pang

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