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What is inside your carton box, AGen can help you power by Zebra TC21 and ZQ320 printer


We need a solution to our stock which has a total of 7000 boxes with items inside them, we need to know what's inside them and the quantity, also edit this quantity, as in takeout and put in products.

Solution as below

1. For the first time, you need to take out the item from the box, snapshot a photo and print out a barcode sticker after taking the photo. You may key in some user description for this item as well as quantity of the item.

2. The sticker design should have an image of the item inside the box in black and white. Print out user descriptions if you manage to key in.

3. Stick the barcode onsite the box and put the item back in the box.

4. From the sticker you may see the content image or to get better image quality in color perform action 5. To know about the content in the box for a 2nd time, just scan the barcode outside the box and the mobile phone will show you the photo of the item.

by: pang

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