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How to implement 1 object 1 identity barcode solution in your production floor? 4 simple step to follow.

Implementing a "1 object 1 identity" barcode solution typically involves using a unique identifier for each object and encoding it in a barcode or more commonly use is QRCode. Here are the steps to implement such a solution.

Define Object Identifiers
With proper planning of the object identifiers then you can easily track your item when they distributed into the market, shorter identifiers mean easier data collection process.

Generate Barcodes and Print Barcodes:
Use a barcode generator to create barcodes for each object, AGen solution is the recommended software where you can directly track after you generated the barcode. AGen help you to design and track the object identity after generated barcodes. No additional step required. Print the generated barcodes and attach them to the corresponding objects. Ensure that the printing quality is good to ensure reliable scanning.

Implement Barcode Scanning System:
Deploy a barcode scanning system to read and interpret the barcodes. AGen system can be use with a handheld barcode scanner, a smartphone with a built-in camera and a barcode scanning app, or a dedicated barcode scanner integrated into your mobile device.

Report analysis
The reporting will show you how many customers scan your product barcode and what is the feedback they have given to you. AGen give you this information by just clicking the report on the software.

By following these steps, you can implement a "1 object 1 identity" barcode solution to uniquely identify and track objects in your system. We believe this implementation will definitely get the market feedback about your manufacturing product and what you can improve to your existing product.

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5/6/2024 2:22:07 PM
Understand why China made product come with 2d qrcode but Malaysia made product do not have it. Are Malaysia left behind for this traceability action.

3/22/2024 11:35:43 AM
Do you really understand what one object one identity, what does the technology do for the product you produce in your factory?

3/15/2024 2:27:23 PM
Assisting Malaysia Company to explore the possibility of 1 object 1 identity, how this solution can help you to improve your product quality, enhance warehouse traceability and migrate from 1D barcode to 2D QRcode or RFID technology.

3/11/2024 7:47:42 AM
Why should Malaysia SMI and SME with their own brands correctly understand the value of one object one identity?

1/24/2024 2:33:46 PM