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What AGen Purchase Order Sticker printing application do for you in your warehouse management process?


Purchase order item sticker printing in a warehouse management system refers to the process of generating physical A4 documents and sticker labels that detail the items included in a purchase order. When goods arrive at a warehouse from a supplier, they typically come with a purchase order specifying the quantity, description, and other relevant details of the items being delivered.
AGen Warehouse management systems have features that allow users to generate printable documents or sticker labels based on the purchase order information. These documents or sticker labels can then be attached to the incoming items for easy identification and tracking within the warehouse. This helps warehouse staff efficiently receive, organize, and stock the incoming inventory.
The purchase order item printing functionality include options to customize the layout and content of the printed documents or labels, as well as integration with barcode or RFID systems for automated data capture and inventory management. Overall, it streamlines the receiving process and improves accuracy in inventory management within the warehouse.

How the application work?
Creation of Purchase Orders: The process begins with the creation of purchase orders by the purchasing department or authorized personnel within the organization using customer existing ERP system. These purchase orders detail the items to be ordered, quantities, prices, delivery dates, and any other relevant information. AGen will link to the ERP and retrieve the printing information. By using mobile device or computer, the receiving item sticker will be printed out then wait to stick onto the item surface.

Simplify the printing process.
Print based on purchase quantity
Able to upgrade to one object one identity.

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