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What is the advantage of using AGen Supplier Label Printing Before Delivery software solution?

AGen "Supplier label printing solution before delivery" refers to the process of printing labels containing supplier information, such as product details, origin, destination, and other relevant data, before the products are delivered to the customer. This process ensures that the items are properly identified and labelled according to the supplier's specifications and any regulatory requirements.
The purpose of printing these labels before delivery is to streamline the logistics process, improve inventory management, and ensure accurate and efficient handling of the products during transportation and delivery. It helps in tracking the products from the supplier's warehouse or manufacturing facility to the final destination, whether it's a distribution centre, retail store, or directly to the customer.


By printing supplier labels before delivery, companies can maintain consistency in labelling, comply with shipping regulations, and provide customers with essential information about the products they are receiving. This practice is common in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and logistics, where efficient supply chain management is crucial for success.

How this software work?
The process of printing supplier labels before delivery involves several steps and may vary depending on the specific requirements of the supplier, the type of products being shipped, and the logistics system in place. Here's are general overview of how it works, the advantages of AGen software are it will be configure based on your customer printing demand.

Data receiving: The supplier gathers all the necessary information for labelling the products. This includes product details (such as name, SKU, description), shipping information (origin, destination, shipping method), and any regulatory or compliance requirements (such as barcode, expiration date, hazardous material information). This information can be retrieved from your existing ERP system, Manual input or from your customer.

Label Design: Using build in tools, you will be able to designs the labels according to your branding guidelines and regulatory standards. The label design may include the your logo, product information, barcodes, shipping addresses, and any other relevant details.

Printing: Once the label design and data are finalized, you can prints the labels using suitable printing equipment. This could include thermal printers, laser printers, Inkjet printer, laser maker or other types of equipment, depending on the material and printing requirements.

Label Application and validation: After printing, the labels are applied to the products or packaging according to predefined standards. This could be done manually by workers or using automated labelling machines, depending on the volume and complexity of the operation. AGen together with our customer will set up the rules of validation if you would like to perform validation before shipping.

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