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What is warehouse finish goods receiving recording process for own factory production? How QRcode can help you on this?

The warehouse finished goods receiving recording process is not merely a routine operation; it is the heartbeat of our production and distribution ecosystem. As the gateway where products transition from the realm of manufacturing into the realm of storage, preparation for delivery, and ultimately into the hands of customers, it demands precision, diligence, and unwavering attention to detail.
With the advancement of technology and enhancement of digital storage, many manufacturers start to be moving into IoT and big data analysis. On finish goods storage from own production, batch number or more detail serial number usage become a must for the end of the production.

Why you need it to integrate it with your existing system?
Most of the SMI and SME in their respective country have their own account system and inventory control systems. Their existing accounting system design for the objective to handle the basic accounting function as well as invoicing purpose. Our objective here is to assist our customer to simplify this tracking and seamlessly provide them a reference portal to records this production result and keep for future reference purposes.

How to do this tracking and seamlessly without add on too many tasks for existing store.
With the objective of recording of batch or serial number for the product produce by the manufacturing department before arranging on the shelf. The warehouse worker just needs to use their own android mobile phone, run the Serial number capturing applications, the build in scanner will capture the QRCode sticked on the product or carton box. Then the recording process is done. For sure the most important link key is the receiving note number generated by customer accounting or inventory control system.

Let start it with your mobile phone.
Step 1 – run the QRcode capturing software, Scan in the receive note number. You can use your android mobile phone build in camera to capture the barcode.
Step 2 – scan in the batch or serial number of the product you would like to do receiving. Process completed.
Target implementation duration – maximum 3 days.
Step 3 – report viewing and filing for monthly summary purposes.

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