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What you need to know about AGen Product Lifecycle Recoding Software and what it can help your in your manufacturing production?

AGen Product Lifecycle Recording (PLR) software is a digital toolset designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a product, from its as raw material, through process and manufacturing, to packaging and reach consumer hand. It serves as a centralized platform for collaborating, tracking, and controlling product-related information and processes across different departments and stakeholders within an organization, as well as with external partners like suppliers and customers.

Product Data Recording: This involves managing all the data related to a product throughout its lifecycle, including recipe files, specifications, bills of materials (BOM), manufacturing instructions, and other documentation.

Process Data Recording: This includes capturing and comparing processing data include raw material information, temperature, weight, humidity, date, time, worker and processing photo. The complete information will be kept as data for future reviewing purposes.

Quality Management: PLR systems incorporate quality management capabilities, including tools for managing inspections, audits, non-conformances, and corrective actions to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance. With one Object One identity, product quality can be properly study and manage,

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