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How do you select the barcode label printer for your product sticker printing? Make sure you must be able to print the label sticker directly from your mobile phone.

What is the most important factor when you selecting the label printer? The easinest of printing is the most important factor you should consider. While selecting the barcode printer. By opening the web browser on the mobile phone, connect back to your server loaded with printing software. Now you are ready to do printing directly from your mobile phone. No additional software is needed to be installed on your mobile phone. It is so simple.

How to do this simple task?
When you select the label printer, make sure it is a network ready printer. Do not forget this important connection which can help you to save plenty of time when printing. Of course the most important thing is the printer is connected to your network and you have a windows server that can share its resources for your printer to do printing. Once the software and driver are installed on the server, now you can do printing from any place in your office premises. No longer required a permanent PC to be used for printing. Sharing is smart.

Watch the below simple video on how to do printing via tablet/mobile phone.

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