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Do you know that you can use your own mobile phone to do stock take in your store? no longer need to invest in expensive mobile scanner.

Stock take process became simple with the advancement of mobile phone technology. Now comes the time you just need to use your mobile phone to do stock take rather than invest into an expensive mobile computer for light duty stocktake application. You just need to install the android stocktake program for stock take offers by Autotrack, now you can start to do the stock take in your store.

The android application comes with a built-in barcode scanner, just make use of your mobile phone camera, then you can capture the barcode and save into your server. At the same time, the stock take program also offers you the image capturing function to allow the store keeper to inform the store supervisor the product packaging condition. The store supervisor has no need to visit the store personally and is able to get fast information about the store.

The server is able to consolidate the collected data online without the trouble of sending data via email, post to ftp, transfer via usb and all other old communication methods. Once you collect the data, it will be automatically posted to the server. Of course, if you have no WiFi or Data plan connection, our software will still help you to keep the data inside the mobile device until your mobile phone is online.

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11/Jan/2021IconHow to start barcode stocktake by using Autotrack On Demand Stock Take? Stock take is actually so simple.
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