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Comparison between Zebra DS2208 and Datalogic QD2500 entry level barcode scanner

Let compare 2 basic specification for 2 most popular retail barcode scanner in Malaysia.
 Zebra DS2208-SR7U2100SGW
Datalogic QD2500-BKK1S
 Camera Specification 640x480 pixel 1280x800 pixel Datalogic QD2500 technically can see the barcode clearer.
 1D barcode reading 99.9% in market   99.9% in market  No different
 2D barcode reading 99.9% in market  99.9% in market  No different 
 Free stand Yes  Yes No different 
 Input voltage 5VDC 5VDC No different 
 Auto cable detection Yes  No  Most of the application is USB which is default setting, and balance setting normally will be perform by technical staff before deliver to customer. 
 USB-C cable optionaloptional Both model offer you optional USB type C cable for tablet operation. 
 IP rating IP42IP52 higher IP rating generally mean higher durability. 
 EAN barcode scanning range 0.5 inch to 14.5 inch 0.2inch to 16.1inch For sure bigger range is better. 
 Aiming patentSingle line 2 blue dot Personally I prefer single line, how about you? 
 Success read indicatorgood read red led and beeper good read red led, beeper and green led dot on the barcode  I love the green led dot on the barcode after scan, green mean OK most of the time. 
 Motion Tolerance30ips 30ips Both scanner claim to have 30ips motion tolerance, I more belive on my own scanning operation, call our sales team for testing on this parameter.  Pass it to your user to test not IT manager. 
 On stand and out of stand auto detect YesYes  Both have this feature base on specification
 Maximum current 500mA 450mA Easy comparison is lower is better. Lower mean your tablet or laptop battery can last longer.
 drop test 1.5m 1.5mThe best do not drop your scanner. 
 Tumble specification250 tumbles No official data Winning point given to DS2208, reason user like to use the scanner and knock on the table. 
 Trigger Resistance  No data 10 million hitsDatalogic is pretty good scanner, it trigger can last for at least 10 million hit. this mean the quality of this scanner is really proven and written on the brochure.  
by: pang

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