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What you need to know about Datalogic in Malaysia on year 2023, let go thru the highlighted product range

Datalogic’s mobile computer product line offers a wide range of devices suitable for any kind of indoor or outdoor application. Ranging from full touch devices to keyboard devices, the Datalogic portfolio provides state-of-the-art technology and features such as wireless charging, the latest Android™ operating system and high performance scan engines. Datalogic mobile computers are available in different form factors, display sizes, keyboard combinations and operating systems to meet the most advanced needs of our customers. by: pang

08/Dec/2022IconCompare between Datalogic QD2500 and QW2500 series scanner in term of specification.
22/Nov/2022IconComparison between Zebra DS2208 and Datalogic QD2500 entry level barcode scanner
25/Nov/2021IconComparison between 3 most popular wireless 2D barcode scanners in Malaysia with USB interface cable and charger. Zebra DS2278-SR7U2100PRW vs Honeywell 1472g2D-2USB-5-A vs Datalogic QBT2430-BK-BTK1
25/Nov/2021IconCompare between 3 most popular retail 2D barcode scanner in Malaysia, Zebra DS2208-SR7U2100SGW vs Honeywell 1470G2D-2USB-1-A vs Datalogic QW2420-BKK11S
25/Nov/2021IconWhat you can get on 2021 Datalogic mobile computer for your warehouse use?
25/Nov/2021IconCertificate of Conformity by SIRIM QAS International - Datalogic, SkorpioX5
24/Jun/2021IconDatalogic : Certificate of Partnership 2020, we are serving you at Malaysia and Singapore
24/Jun/2021IconSimple question about datalogic memor 20 mobile computer, let call us if you want to know more.
01/Jun/2021IconUse Datalogic GD4590 in Manufacturing in Penand Semiconductor Industry, the Selected Barcode Scanner for your Production Line
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