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What are the label printer brand we are selling in Malaysia market?

ALC carry various major brands for barcode label printer in the market included printer from Taiwan ARGOX, GODEX and TSC, Printer from USA Datamax, Intermec, Honeywell, Zebra. As well as brand from Japan Sato and Toshiba. This top brand barcode printer has been widely used in the Point of Sales market, SMI and SME warehouse and also MNC company for label printing. Taiwan superior IT technology make ARGOX and GODEX brand the No. 1 printer in Asia Market today. For pos dealer, ARGOX entry brand printer starting price at only RM1000. Other popular brand like Honeywell and Zebra is the first option for multinational company who value the price versus brand as well as quality of the printer. Toshiba and Sato printer is the top option brand printer for most of the Japanese factory and retail chain store who only believe on quality from Japan.

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