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Tools tracking and maintenance reminder for your company make simple with daily, weekly or monthly email notifications to your mailbox

With a built- in email server in Autotrack Asset Tracking, now autotrack offers you the fully auto notification solution in order to give you a fully automated solution for your tools and device tracking. Offer for the below industry with its specific way of tracking method.

For plastic manufacturers mould tracking purpose.
Autotrack Asset Tracking ideal to be used for tracking of plastic mold tools tracking, as we understand the plastic mould is the most important tool for the plastic factory, bi-yearly maintenance and servicing is a main task for the factory technician. Autotrack with the assist of barcode technology and automated email notification server make the tools tracking, periodic maintenance routine and person in charge responsible make it easy and on time.

For hospital equipment routine servicing reminders.
Certain healthcare device required to be send back for yearly or upto time maintenance servicing and calibration, Autotrack offer this maintenance tools for the hospital IT department in order to help them to remind the service supplier in order to visit the hospital and perform the re-calibration and yearly cleaning, servicing and maintenance for the equipment they consign to the hospital. Autotrack offers you the hospital server system and allows it to be accessed either by hospital staff itself or supplier in order to set up their routine of visit and service as well as next visitation schedule.

For Information Technology (IT) Department software and hardware maintenance
IT department is the most critical department in the organization, they are taking care of the heart of the operation, the server and software, computer, tablet, mobile phone,application, all this IT infrastructure comes with yearly maintenance and servicing packages offered by the supplier to the IT department. The IT manager needs to have a reliable system in order to help him to remember and remind the periodically maintenance and renewer of the contract of the software and hardware.

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