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Product serial number generation and tracking tools for small and medium industry owners in Malaysia by using 1D or 2D barcode technology.

Autotrack On Demand Label Designer is tailor made for most of the small and medium industry owners in order to keep track of their product unique identity before being sent out from the factory finishing warehouse. It carries the main objective of product warranty tracking and product genius tracking purposes. The after sales agent can simply login to the web portal and check the product warranty information of the product and advise the customer the product warranty period during the warranty claim process.

Autotrack On Demand Label Designer builds on top of powerful Microsoft SQL server express database, and technology. The proven Microsoft technology gives the 100% sure stability and reliability of data generated by the production floor. During the product label printing process, product owners have the option to capture the product photo before the product label is printed by the printer. Once the product label is printed, the solution will automatically record the printed product information in the database.

Autotrack On Demand Label Designer comes with label reprinting tools which are fully secure and controlled by the software administrator, the admin user has the authority to assign the reprinting process of the label in order to prevent misuse of the label. For certain unique and high value product labeling printing, the production worker can only press the printing button in order to print out the product label. All the product information is presented by the system administrator or production manager to avoid any confusion and mistake.

The multi concurrent user capability allows the Autotrack On Demand user to set up more than one printing station in order to print different products based on the production station. However all the production line information will be consolidated in the server and managed by the Autotrack database. For sure with the technology used by the Autotrack, the user has the option to use their mobile devices to access the same software from any part of the world if they publish the software to the internet.

Common production requirements available
Auto Date time encoding in the label, this is the build in function in order for the product owner to encode the date time in the product label.
Random number generator for unique label serial number generation.
Product unique prefix based on printing station.
Product original history record capturing and reprinting.
Label serial number link back to product batch information.
Production worker information capture
History record of the label and serial number transaction information.
Product photo capturing during the labeling process.
Birth Certificate Printing
Product batch information capturing and printing.
Product batch information capturing and translating to serial number (Repackaging application).
Common 1D barcode printing.
Common 2D QRcode or datamatrix barcode.
Individual user access control for the software.
Multi language support.

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