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Software to be used for product barcode EAN13 printing on the A4 paper, label sticker. Label printing is so much easier.

Looking for barcode generation software, autotrack offers you the software to assist you to simplify the label sticker printing together with the tracking process 2 in 1. The user just needs to print out the sticker directly from the software, the printing is completely recorded in the database. This action allows users to review their daily production rate, as well as quality control purposes.

If users have more than 1 product in the same production line, the daily report can be printed directly on this label printing software by the end of the daily production. It gives a clear overview to the management of their daily production rate as well as history production rate. Based on this information, management can have a better prediction of their production or output at the end of the month.

This flexible software allows use on different types of sticker printers including customer existing inkjet or laser jet printers. Users can design the label in A4 format or in roll form format depending on the blank label sticker they purchase.

What happen if your EAN13 is in excel format, do not worry, Autotrack Label designer offer you the direct link to excel on this software,, so you no need to re-enter the data again.

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26/Jun/2021IconHow to apply GS1 Global Location Number, EAN13 barcode for your product in malaysia to sell to supermarket like Tesco, Jusco, AEON, MyDin?
03/Mar/2021IconApply a new barcode for your product, get it now from GS1 the EAN13 barcode and add on a latest 2D QRCode for your marketing and customer services purposes.
11/Jan/2021IconGet your free barcode scanner for free from Malaysia GS1 partner for you to verify your printed EAN13 barcode on your product packaging

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