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6 features available in the label designing software you must consider before you select the QRcode label printing software for your product labeling process.

1st product quality feedback is alway the wish for most of the manufacturers in the market. The main issue you face is how you can have the feedback of your product quality before you decide how to print the sticker on your product. The printing of product labels can be a key for your product quality improvement if you implement the simple system in your production while printing the label. Make sure the label printed has the correct records.

2nd How can you do the label printing process together with product traceability? This simple process should be finished together when you print your product sticker. Stop doing the batch product sticker printing from the label converter. Look into the colour printer solution for label stickers with custom traceability barcode directly printed on the label. Seeking for the solution whereby it can help you to print out your label directly on the colour printer and with traceability 2D QR Code on the label sticker. Now the printing and traceability is done in one process.

3rd Important printing capabilities is can you use your mobile phone or tablet to do printing? Still required to use a computer to do printing or you prefer the printing can be done with your mobile phone or tablet? Have you thought of installing the application on your server and printing directly via mobile device?

4th printing needs to be done by linking to the excel or directly to your database? You still want to key in the record by copying and pasting the records, let directly link it to your system database so you can refer to it while printing.

5th Auto number and auto date time to be printed on the label, this is the most on the printing process. Make sure you do not ask your worker to enter the date time every morning when they try to do printing.

6th Auto email on the printing summary, will the printing summary help you to organise your production as well and arrangement? Let's simplify the information sharing with the daily summary on the printing process.
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