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LOGISTICS Applications: Shipping & Receiving, Picking, Packing, Kitting with IP65 rating barcode reader

Finding a solution for your logistics management application with below feature?

• Snappy, omnidirectional reading

• Optional display and keypad

• Networking, point-to-point and multi-point communication

• Corded or wireless connectivity

• Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

• Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™

• IP65 Sealing

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by: pangbk

11/Jun/2021IconWishing to implement a barcode system for your warehouse for online selling, this article can help you to simplify the planning and implementation.
10/Jun/2021IconLooking for 2021's latest warehouse barcode mobile computer? Honeywell CT45 is the solution for you.
11/Jan/2021IconHow alcaidc can help you to do barcode checking include position, orientation and color inspection on your packaging to make sure your barcode is 100% correct and scannable before it leaves your company warehouse.
11/Jan/2021IconStock take process becomes so simple with the help of barcode readers and barcode stickers implemented in your online warehouse.
11/Jan/2021IconThe basics of barcode scanning technique and information you need to know if you would like to implement a barcode system in your warehouse.
11/Jan/2021IconWarehouse automation in Malaysia with various sensor device providers for your food and beverage manufacturing data collection and vision inspection purposes.
11/Jan/2021IconServicing for Honeywell warehouse barcode mobile computer with keypad and android operating system
11/Jan/2021IconWhy you should use ZT230 for your warehouse packaging application, what is the advantage of this printer?
11/Jan/2021IconZebra Malaysia now make an unbeatable offer to small and medium industry warehouse his most popular mobile computer series MC3300 Android operating system for warehouse operation.
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