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Android Enterprise Associate and Professional Certificate by Google

Congratulations to Tanveer Ahmed is a one of our staff at ALC Group just received the Android Enterprise Associate and Professional Certificate by Google.

ALC will offer not only sell but also pre sales advice, after sales usage guild and service repair and for software we develop and for the software we also develop or assist you to troubleshoot the software problem.
ALC delivers the highest levels of productivity, device reliability, and uptime.

Feel free to reach us at following contact details:

Singapore Office :
Tel No.: 65-6354 1650
Fax No.: 65-6354 4595

Kuala Lumpur Office :
Tel No.: 03-6280 1650
Mobile. No.: 6012 637 1650
Fax No.: 03-6280 4595

Thank you for your support of our product and we wish you every success in your forthcoming implementation.

by: fatihah

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