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Compare between 3 most popular retail 2D barcode scanner in Malaysia, Zebra DS2208-SR7U2100SGW vs Honeywell 1470G2D-2USB-1-A vs Datalogic QW2420-BKK11S

Study below information before your make up your decision on which scanner to select for your retail POS counter, get one scanner for your own testing before bulk purchase. alcaidc offer you both scanner for your shop check out counter application.


 Ability to read many challenging barcodes East to use (try yourself)East to use (try yourself)
 Good (try yourself)
 Tumbles 250  1,000  no data
 Ambient Light Immunity  0 to 107,600 Lux  0 to 100,000 lux  0 to 92,000 lux 
 QR Code reading range 25mil
0 to 33.8cm 
0.5 to 32.5cm
 No Data 
 OCR enableNoNoNo
 Image sensor640 x 480 pixels 1040 x 720 pixels  640 x 480 pixels  
 IP ratingIP42  IP40 IP42
 Drop Test1.5meter 1.8meter  1.5meter  
 Stand includedYes YesYes 
 Aiming Linear 624nm Amber LED

Blue LED aiming on barcode

 Feedback Beep Sound and LED on scanner  Beep Sound and LED on scanner Beep sound, LED on scanner and Green LED on barcode
 Advantage    Additional feedback system

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