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Straight to our Logistics Customers’ Heart.
Dedicated Logistics organizations keep commerce in motion moving materials to factories, stock to distribution centers and items to retailers. To keep this flow of efficency, logistics organizations rely on Datalogic products and technology. Vision systems, smart cameras, sensors and fixed bar code readers track items as they travel on high speed conveyors while industrial handheld scanners and rugged mobile computers put automation in the hands of workers as they ship, receive, pick, pack, and palletize.
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11/Apr/2022IconComparison of scanners on scanning OCR/1D/QR between Honeywell and Datalogic
25/Nov/2021IconCompare between 3 most popular retail 2D barcode scanner in Malaysia, Zebra DS2208-SR7U2100SGW vs Honeywell 1470G2D-2USB-1-A vs Datalogic QW2420-BKK11S
24/Jun/2021IconDatalogic : Certificate of Partnership 2020, we are serving you at Malaysia and Singapore
24/Jun/2021IconSimple question about datalogic memor 20 mobile computer, let call us if you want to know more.
01/Jun/2021IconUse Datalogic GD4590 in Manufacturing in Penand Semiconductor Industry, the Selected Barcode Scanner for your Production Line
01/Jun/2021IconHow to use Datalogic Arex Laser Marking Machine to Mark on Semi Conductor PCB Board to Trace the PCB Board in the Production Line
06/May/2021IconWhat you need to know about Datalogic Gryphon GBT4400 series and GBT4500 series scanner
06/May/2021IconBasic technical question and answer for Datalogic SkorpioX5 mobile computer
13/Apr/2021IconCompare between top 3 high density mid range scanner in Malaysia, Zebra DS4608-XD7U2104ZVA with Honeywell 1950GHD-2USB-A and Datalogic GD4590-BK-HD
07/Apr/2021IconStill looking for 1D barcode scanner, below is the remaining branded 1D scanner for retail application, compare between Argox, Datalogic, Honeywell and Zebra
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