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Basic technical question and answer for Datalogic SkorpioX5 mobile computer

Questions Answer
1 If the terminal (contact type) with rubber boot, charging needs to take out the boots? The single slot design will not fit the terminal, it has to be removed.

2 Can I use back the grip from skorpioX3 or skorpiox4? No, the grip of SX5 design are different from SX3 /SX4.
3 Can I use the USB C port to charge the unit? Yes, can charge from USB C port.
4 Can the scan engine read OCR? No OCR.
5 What is warm swappable? Is it needed to stand by the unit? SX5 is HOT swappable. Just remove the empty battery and replace with a fully charged battery.
6 Will the warranty offer include the security patch? If customers do not buy ease of care. Standard warranty doesn’t includes security patch. End user has to buy DL Shield.
7 Can the battery of skorpioX3 or X4 use for X5? No, the design of SX5 battery are different from SX3/ SX4.

8 Rubber boot skorpiox5 is the same for contact and contactless units? There is only one type of rubber boot for SX5.
9 Any free TE software comes with the skorpioX5? Wavelink TE will not be included. Will need to purchase separate Velocity license. I
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