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How to use Evolis ID Card Printer to do Employee Card Printing for your Organisation, Step by Step Process Offer by Technician

In this technologically advanced world
Company ID card is no longer just a piece of laminate paper card
Most of the organization start using Plastic PVC ID card for the below reason

BY issue the PVC ID card
It will reduce the security breaches

On the ID card, the company logo, staff name, and position are showing clearly
It will add an extra air of professionalism to the company

Company unity
An ID card will help enhance the bonding and will boost confidence among the company and staff

This is why a company should begin using ID Card,
So how to start the printing for the Company ID card
Evolis has a full solution on this by providing Evolis card printer, card designer software, and all the consumables like plastic cards and ribbons for printing.

There are few questions that need to be answered before proceeding to print.

How many staff in total
This will give the answer to choose which printer is suitable for printing as there are different levels of the printer.

Each printer has a different specification on the printing speed, printing quality, and printing cost.

The number of staff will provide the different option of printers
And by the numbers, it can decide what type of printing mode will be using
We, Will, be using the database to link the data with the template
Or manual key-in the data one by one
Each decision will lead to a different timeline for the whole printing process

-What is the design of the ID card
The company need to decide whether to use a basic design or a unique design for the ID card
Some company will just need a basic design of the card with the minimum information
And some company will hope to have a unique design that will have personalize and unique branding of the company

What information need to be showing
Except for the company logo and company name, what information need to be on the Company ID card.

This is important as this will be part of the card design Basically the information is
Name ,Photo,job title, department &etc.

How many different categories need to be print
This question will define how many designs needed for the printing
They can be sharing the same design for all the category or each category can have its own design it will have different designs of cards that easy to recognize or one basic design will differentiate based on the different wording on the card.

What usage of the Company ID card

This is to select the correct card type, if just to show the basic information, can use a Normal PVC card. If need to use the Company ID card to track the attendance and access control can use a contactless card. By using a contact-less ID card, the company can use the Company ID card to function as an access control card and tracking the entry time and exit time of the staff

After all the above steps have been complete. Then will start the printing part Printing part is straightforward. Select the correct template Select or key in the correct information like name, position, department, etc and select the correct printer And click print.

The employee ID card printing process is done.


by: fatihah

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