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What is the advantages of signature pads in banking and finance institution? How to use it?

Advantages and selling points of the Signature pads

Digital signatures are in the process of replacing paper signatures

Electronic signatures facilitate the validation stages for documents
For example, when a contract is signed, we see the following process:

For a paper signature

Signature with a signature tablet

You will notice

  • a reduced processing time
  • reduced management costs (scanning, saving, archiving, printing, and sending)
  • reduced cost of supplies (paper, ink, etc.) and transport

The signatory will get a positive and modern view of the organization and appreciate the time saved by the use of a signature tablet.


Electronic signatures: soon to become an integral part of all signing procedures

As well as being widely used by financial institutions, electronic signatures are now becoming popular in other sectors:

  • Government administration (tasked with implementing simpler and less costly procedures)
  • Telecommunications
  • Stores
  • Public services, healthcare
  • Lawyers' offices


Hand-written electronic signatures

Hand-written signatures remain the most accepted type of signature in many domains.
The electronic versions have the following advantages:

  • verification of the end user's identity (authentication)
  • data integrity (for sensitive, confidential data)
  • higher level of security than with more traditional methods of sending documents:
    • counterfeiting is virtually impossible
    • low chance of losing digital copies
    • time-stamping guarantees the signature date
    • rapid write-down of set-up costs (very quick return on investment)
    • implementation supported by the growing use of cloud computing


Banking and Insurance Example


Banks manage many documents that require the addition of a signature:

- operations related to a bank account: opening an account, making changes, closing an account, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

- various contracts

Mostly, bank documents are:

This process has several disadvantages:

  • Paper and ink costs
  • Delivery costs
  • Loss of time



Using the Evolis Sig100 & Sig200 signature pads at the counter.
The customer's signature is electronically inserted into the document and automatically stored in the bank's Electronic Document Management software.



The digitization of handwritten signatures optimizes the process of validating documents:

  • The time savings are considerable.
  • Electronic signatures are more secure. The signature can be monitored throughout the process, tackling fraud through the use of biometric data.
  • As all electronic documents are available in real time, archive searches are faster.
  • The use of electronic signatures communicates a modern image of the banking organization, and improves customer satisfaction.
  • There is a very rapid return on investment (about 1 year)
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