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2 of the most popular Zebra tabletop barcode printers in Malaysia. Are you one of the existing users? Call us for your printing and repair support on this printer.

2 most popular printer in zebra technology Malaysia is ZT231 and ZT610 series model. These 2 different level printers use by different industries in Malaysia, the ZT231 printer commonly used in the light industry warehouse and product label printing and ZT610 is commonly used in the semiconductor industry which required precision and small size label printing.

Zebra ZT231 is the replacement of ZT230 printer as well as the earlier model Zebra S400, S4M and S600 series printer. This entry level tabletop printer offer you metal casing with 3-inch core label loading capabilities. You will commonly use the ZT231 series printer when you have daily label printing quantity not more than 200pcs per day.

Zebra ZT610 series printer which focuses more on 600dpi printing resolutions in Malaysia is 1 of the most commonly used high resolution printer in the barcode label printing. This never fail user printer can consider the Top of the printer in the AIDC printer series can be the most wanted printer among all the factory in Malaysia. In order to print high resolution printing result, this is the only choice for the user with no other in par competitor. ZT610 previous model is 110XIIII Plus, 110XI4, 96XiIIIPlus model series printer.
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